Version history of Matrix: Revolutions Explained

No new revision, but a Polish translation is now available, courtesy of long-time reader Mr. Nowak.

Version 1.61 -- Fixed a botched cut & paste job in the new sections added in 1.6. Thanks to readers who pointed that out. I also clarified the thinking in the afflicted paragraphs.

Version 1.6 -- Added the Oracle, Architet, and Sati section. This is the final major piece I will do with this essay. When the DVD comes out I'm sure I will want to revisit many parts of this essay for minor revisions and corrections. But on the main this is it. I also slightly revised the ending of the last section to better reflect the overall sense of the trilogy.

Version 1.5 -- Completed (more or less) two of the speculative sections. Only the Oracle/Architect/Sati section remains unfinished. Fingers crossed it will be ready this weekend. I also added a new email to the comments page. I haven't mentioned it much before, but I do drop emails onto that page now and then. I know there is impatience for me to get this done, but remember it took me six months to finish the Reloaded essay!

Version 1.3 -- I changed the name of the Oracle/Architect section to more accurately reflect what it will be about.

Version 1.2 -- Added some speculation about the source of Neo's powers. This is one part of my examination of the various incarnations of Neo. Due to time constraints on my end, I am rolling this out in pieces. Also, there is a volunteer translation effort underway and I want to give that person time to get some work done, so I'm not going too fast on the updates.

Version 1.11 -- I fixed the "mechanical" explanation of Smith's death in the Ascension section.

Version 1.1 -- I added a bunch of new content to the Ascension and Yin-Yang sections of the essay in order to shore up some of the weaknesses in those sections. In the Ascension section I added more explanation of Smith's destruction, and in the Yin-Yang section I explained the Grail in more detail. There is now some clumsy overlap between the Yin-Yang section and the Merovingian section, but I will try to iron that out in a future revision. I know there was a lot of anticipation of the new sections (especially the Neo one) but I just didn't get to it yet. Patience!

Version 1.05 -- Posted some reader comments and added a link to the comments page.

Version 1.00 -- First version.